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Comic Book Workshops

Titanic Tim!…Stan Lee


Tim Quinn is good for vibes!…Brian May

Genius!…Gyles Brandreth


TIM QUINN, comic book creator from Marvel Comics, Doctor Who, The Beano and more is conducting Comic Book Workshops


Become part of this unique method of visual storytelling!


Comic book creator Tim Quinn conducts this unique workshop in cartooning – including figure drawing, emotion, storytelling in pictures, character and story creation, and comic book history. If you love to draw or just want to visit the world of comics/cartoons then you will have a whale of a time with the man who personally knows Dennis the Menace, Spider-Man, Iron Man, the X-Men, Avengers, Korky the Cat, the Incredible Hulk and so many more!


After working for the mighty Marvel Comics American publishing giant for over twenty years, Tim Quinn is now conducting graphic storytelling and art workshops in schools across the UK. Having worked as editor, writer and illustrator on such world famous titles as Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, and even The Dandy, Bunty and The Beano, Quinn will show students techniques and methods in story and character creation.


Working with English, Drama and/or Art Departments, Spider-Man’s former editor will show students how to build personality, tension, pace, humour, emotion and style into their work. The aim is to give students a belief in their own unique talent as a creator and artist.


“I will guide each student to create a new super-hero character and storyline based on their own lives and school,” says Quinn. “These workshops will enrich students’ work in English, Art and Drama. I’m keen to find new extraordinary talents in the schools.”


If you would like more information on these workshops call Jane on 01704-512-741


This event works equally well in schools, libraries, art centres, festivals, venues, galleries, parties or you-name-it!


Instils a love of reading and story creation in children.


For all ages from 7–700!!!



The children at Blackmoor Park Junior School were really engaged from the beginning and the project appealed to all children. Tim Quinn was brilliant. The boys who were reluctant writers have since been doing their own work at home and bringing it in, and really trying harder with their writing. One child with behavioural issues was grabbed from the very start, he has written so much more than usual and produced more than we would have expected!… Year 5 Teacher, Blackmoor Park Junior School on my Comic Book Creation Class


Tim was fab!Beverley Literature Festival


We had a great couple of days with Tim. He is a charming and funny personality with boundless energy and enthusiasm for his subject. His sessions were incredibly successful – the school librarian commented that she had never seen the pupils so enthused!Lowdham Book Festival


In twenty years as a teacher (nearly eight as a Head) I can’t recall a visiting artist (musical, dramatic or anything) who has had such a positive impact on the children and the school as a whole.Daniel Hains – Headteacher – St. John’s CE Primary School, Southport


A riveting plunge into the fascinating world of comic books. Tim Quinn is fabulously enthusiastic and an infectious presenter. Our pupils loved it!…Hawarden High School, Flintshire, Wales


Email: quillpublications@btinternet.com
Telephone: 01704-512-741
Mobile: 0798 – 653 8761